Are you looking for ways to embrace yourself as you are?

From the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night,your mind doesn’t stop being active.

Maybe you’re struggling to take full control of your body and emotions
because you feel like you have to in order to be a successful and/or good person.

When you love yourself just as you are, you might find it easier to accept and love others.

If you feel anxiety, frustration, and/or muscle tension around your neck and head for what appears to be no reason,your body and heart might be trying to send you messages.

Would you like to take a break through mindfulness with me?


2001 I started to learn about Aromatherapy at private school which gives our body and soul various good influences.
2002 Aromatherapy tutor recommended me I should go to England if I wanted to learn about theory and body care about it.
2003~2005 I learned about Complementary therapy at Simply Herbal College and City Lit for about 1year and I got certificate of ITEC Aromatherapy Reflexology and Lymphatic drainage.
2005I worked as an aromatherapist at Holiday Villa Hotel in London for 6 months before returning to Japan.
2006To combine Psychotherapy with Aromatherapy, I started to study Hakomitherapy
2015I got certificate of Hakomi therapy



I assess your physical and emotional well-being, and suggest some suitable essential oils for you to customize your own blend.

This blend will be used for the Aromatherapy treatment on the body area(s) of your choosing.

60min ¥7,000


You will have a session exploring the state of mindfulness – observing yourself in the here and now without  any judgement. Gradually, you may notice thought patterns that keep you from being your best self  at a deep subconscious level.

Hakomitherapy supports you in your soul searching journey. 

Uncovering your own thought patterns will enable you to discover and choose your own way of life.

60min ¥7,000

Hakomi Institute: Somatic Psychology, Mindfulness-Centered Psychotherapy


Solatherapy is Hakomitherapy combined with Aromatherapy.

What transpires during Hakomitherapy can be addressed through the blending of essential oils.

This aroma oil will be used for the Aromatherapy treatment on the body area(s) of your choosing.

90min ¥9,000
120min ¥12,000


※Additional price ¥1,000/10min

Solatherapy includes 60min Hakomitherapy plus 30min/60min Aromatherapy

※Aromatherapy and Solatherapy are for female clients only, sorry!

※Zoom session (Hakomitherapy) is also available for male clients.